Orchard Gateway Pop Up Event (August 2023)

Date: 28th August 2023 (Monday) to 3rd September (Sunday)
Location: Orchard Gateway (The Runway, Level One)
Address: 277 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238858
MRT Station: Somerset MRT 


  1. No exchange or refund for all purchases made at our Pop Up Event
  2. Restocks of Out of Stocks Products will be done subject to availability (no promise)
  3. Payment mode includes Paynow (recommended), Paylah and Cash (exact amount is appreciated)

Staff breaks

  1. Staff who are doing 2 shifts (11am - 4pm & 4pm - 930pm) will be entitled to an hour paid break
  2. Team Leader will be releasing individually for breaks between 3pm to 5pm (subject to change depending on crowd level)
  3. Do inform the team when away for periodic toilet breaks
  4. Refrain from eating in the booth due to mall regulations, light snack and drinks are acceptable (discreetly)

Staff Attire

  1. Individual Aprons will be distributed. Do hold on to your own apron for hygiene purposes and return to Clarice on your last work shift
  2. Name Tags will be distributed to pin onto your apron for easily identification purposes. Do kindly return the name tags at the end of your last work shift
  3. Aprons to be worn at all times at the premise of the Pop Up Event
  4. Covered shoes are highly recommend for safety purposes. Avoid open toe footwear and flip flops


  1. Staff on duty for that day will be added to a chatgroup one day prior to the shift
  2. Reporting time will be announced in the chatgroup
  3. Do inform in the chatgroup in the event when you are unable to report on time or any emergencies


  1. Serve customers on their requested designs
  2. Be proficient in the designs to serve customer's enquiries
  3. Ensure orderliness at the booth, including keeping of shoes are lying around
  4. Ensure Display Shoes are in orderly manner
  5. Replenish Display Shoes when Display shoes are sold
  6. Ensure stocks on racks are arranged in ascending order
  7. Ensure sufficient pulled paper bags
  8. Ensure Sales Stock List is updated
  9. Tally stocks with Point of Sale system at the end of the day
  10. Ensure booth is closed neatly and orderly at the end of the day


Date 28 August 29 August 30 August 31 August 1 September 2 September 3 September
Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Cashier Shi Tieng Shi Tieng Shi Tieng Lynn Lynn Elis Shi Tieng
11am to 4pm
Shi Tieng Shi Tieng (12pm) Shi Tieng (12pm) Shi Tieng (12pm) Shi Tieng Elis Shi Tieng
Elis Elis Elis Lynn Elis Feng Hwee Elis
- - - - Lynn Esther -
4pm to 930pm
Shi Tieng Shi Tieng Shi Tieng Shi Tieng Shi Tieng Elis Shi Tieng
Elis Elis Elis Lynn Elis Cynthia Esther
- - - - Lynn Esther -