At Our Crossroads

What does it mean to be at a Crossroads? 

Many times in life, we find ourselves at crossroads. Starting or changing our career path, pursuing a new relationship, starting a new business venture or a project. Our Intertwined Collection serves as an encouragement to all who are at crossroads where you let go of what’s holding you back and take hold of what’s ahead. The Intertwined Collection also reminds us that we all connected in one way or another. Remember the people who were once in your path, molding and shaping a beautiful you today. 

Everyday is a crossroads. Every day is a chance to change your life and our world for the better.

Bette Sliders

Toe Post Alert! Tuning up our straps on our Bette Sliders, with a simple criss-cross design in our most popular shades of Ivory and Caramel! Say goodbye to the flaps as you walk with our strappy Bette Sliders!

Effie Sliders

When a single strap is not enough, we have our Toe Post Effie Sliders to unleash the warrior in you! Inspired by the gladiator sandals, our Effie Sliders are soft to the feet and bring full coverage for a long distance walk! This asymmetrical pair creates an edgy look but is softened by the neutral shades of Ivory and Beige

Donna Sandals


Changing up our best seller Dawn Sliders to a Sandals version! Our Donna Sandals create an edgy look with the asymmetrical design and we have elevated it for a formal or work-friendly design without looking too sloppy as a slider! If you have loved our Dawn Sliders, be sure not to miss our Donna Sandals!

Desiree Heels

Intertwining at its finest on our Desiree Heels. A pair for your work, play, day in and out in our Ivory and Navy shade! Time to dress up and put on our best this season and stride on with our Desiree Intertwined Heels!

Special thanks to YeoMamaBatik for sponsoring the clothes for this collection!