Match your mood with our colour range of Dawn Sliders

Sliders are our favourites when convenience and comfort is our priority. We have brought back our best seller Dawn Sliders with an extended range of colours to suit your mood day in and out!

Colour affects people’s mood so start painting your canvas with our Dawn Sliders!

Dawn Sliders (Off White)

Add a touch of freshness to your style with our Dawn Sliders in Off-White because this is an outstanding statement colour as you make your point with your outfit. Stand out from the crowd as you match this match with any ensemble because it can be as versatile as it is!

Dawn Sliders (Apricot)

As we hustle around with our work and commitments, wind down with our Dawn Sliders in Apricot as we bring it near to the earthy tones, giving a subtle feel to your style. Let your imagination run wild as you bring creativity to your upper without fearing any clashing tones.

Dawn Sliders (Ivory)

A shade different from Off-White, we bring the sweetness of almond to your feet. Set the tone right for the weekend as you match it up with your casual or cute assemble with our Dawn Sliders in Ivory.

Dawn Sliders (Latte)

We know that there are many coffee lovers out there so why not bring the aroma of the coffee to our Dawn Sliders in Latte and brighten up your being! Not a coffee lover? How about a cup of refreshing bubble tea as you relax over the weekend?

Dawn Sliders (Salmon)

Dress with femininity with the blush tone of Dawn Sliders in Salmon and bring about a dainty side of you when putting it on with a dress or a skirt.

Which colour suits you best? Get your favourite shades from Our Daily Avenue today!