Our Story

In September 2020, OUR DAILY AVENUE made her first steps here in Singapore. Founded by a duo team with experiences in the footwear industry, they believe good shoes take us to good places. 

Our Daily Avenue was birthed with the idea of providing footwear that serves two major purposes

  1. For DAILY wear
  2. For every AVENUE we explore

Shoes are something we tend to neglect when it comes to dressing up; however the founders believe that shoes have a great link in terms of direction and focus in life. Shoes also represent victory over the adversary. With a mission to provide quality footwear, our founders hope to inspire and journey with our customers in every season of their lives.

The creative and energetic duo believes in building quality relationships with their customers. Be fully engaged on their social media platforms as they bring about the authenticity of this brand that they have curated!