Sole Mate

A shoe so ideally suited for you, step into our premium leather sneaker collection - “Sole Mate”. Like a perfect soul mate, Kenzie was created with the utmost comfort in mind with its thick padded sole bed that hugs your feet to make you feel supported for long hours of wear.

Kenzie is functional but does not compromise on her look - Sleek in aesthetic, these leather shoes feature stretchy shoelaces to aid the convenience of the wearer. No pesky shoelaces needed to be tied or you worrying about them coming loose, it’s just a quick slip on and out of the door for you. 

Just like a soul mate you’d like to walk down the aisle - Kenzie was created to be worn on the dressiest of occasions and can be worn as a wedding sneaker! For the bride who loves comfort and a modern twist - this premium shoe has bedazzled metal aglets and pearl detailing for a feminine look. 

Flip the script with us and pair these shoes for a casual day out or elevate the look to a wedding, either way you’ll be wanting to have Kenzie as your Sole Mate walking with you through your every milestone occasion.

Launching 27 Sep, Tues, 8pm, online & 29 Sep, Thurs @ the showroom