Bags Collection - Strength for the New Season

Why Strength?

Life doesn’t get easier, we get stronger and more resilient. As we enter a new year of 2022, we want to empower women with strength to go after their dreams and goals. Strength is the courage we find during life’s most difficult times that makes our souls grow. To all women out there, we are cheering you on as you rise up this new year!

Why Canvas Bag?

Firstly, every woman needs a bag. Not just a bag, but a functionable bag that keeps everything in place and all suited for professional and casual style. With the overwhelming response from our canvas sneakers, we are exploring the canvas range of bags to match up with the canvas style trend! 

Highlights of our Strength Canvas Bag

  1. Front and Back Pockets for easy access to your cards, phone and even keys. 
  2. Double Side Pockets for your water bottles as you stay hydrated all the time or even a brolly for the unpredictable weather!
  3. Double Button Function for you to hook your masks when dining and you never need to worry about squashing your masks again!
  4. Non-woven inner protective later to keep your inner bag dirt and stain free!
  5. Top Zip and Button Function to keep your belongings secure and keep your bag in shape
  6. Double handle function from carrying on your arm to shoulder, this bag brings you a long way through your daily appointments!

This is the time to send your well wishes and strength to your loved ones with our Strength Canvas Bag during the Christmas Gifting Session. Make this functionable bag a christmas gift today! Launching Online, Fri, 17 Dec, 12pm