Sizing Guide

Get the perfect size of our footwear with our sizing guide! 

Measuring your feet

  1. Place your foot on a level ground and measure the distance between Point A & Point B
  2. Take the measurements of your the other foot as we recommend you to take the longer foot for a better estimation
  3. The distance between Point A & Point B is the length of your foot

Find your suitable size

Refer to the following table to identify your shoe size for our products:

 Shoe Size Foot Length (mm)
35 225
36 230
37 235
38 240
39 245
40 250
41 255


Terms & Conditions

Our products fall into 2 categories of sizing

  1. True to Size
  2. Size up - Customers will be required to size up based on the width of the foot due to conditions such as broad feet or bunion etc

We recommend that you select a shoe size based on the longer side if both sides of your feet are different in length.

Our Daily Avenue shoes doesn't run in half sizing. We suggest that you select the shoe size based on the length closest to your feet measurement.

Foot length is not equivalent to shoe length.

There are many factors that contributes to the comfort of the shoe such as size, design/cutting, material, heel height, etc. Due to the different factors, a different design of the same size may not give you the same level of comfort.

A size chart doesn't guarantee a 100% accuracy of sizing due to the different mold and material on the upper. The above size chart should only be used as a reference and not a guaranteed of sizing conversion.