Bringing your favourite designs back AGAIN!

We are bringing MANY of your favourites footwear AGAIN so be sure not to miss our backorders and make them yours again! 

Luna Loafers

A beautiful dainty chain with interwoven leather elevates our Luna Loafers which are available in 2 colours. This slight hint of femininity adds that allure to a staple loafer style that is complementary to most outfits be it dresses or pants.

Iris Loafers

The Iris Loafers which are available in two colours, keeps to our style of a minimalist and clean aesthetic, with a double interlocking metal bar that offers a little twist of charm on top of comfort to a sleek design.

Riley Loafers

Buckle up on our Loafers! Presenting to you our Riley Loafers in four different shades for the many personalities out there! Featuring a metallic buckle, match up with your pants, skirts, dresses day in and out for a change up in your professional and casual style!

Sam Loafers

Simple is the way to go for our Sam Loafers. We are using the colours to add to the design of this pair as they range from the fun mustards to the neutral ivory and outstanding off-white shades! There is no better time to rock on our Loafers because hey, every girls a pair of loafers!

Ivy Sliders

Ivy the perfect everyday slider designed to accompany you on your daily walks to ensure you have the most comfortable relaxing strolls down the beach. With a single knot detail in the middle, the knot adds a twist to "basic" while providing an additional support for your daily strolls.

Nova Sliders

Our all time favourites Nova Sliders adds a feminine touch to your style, inspired by the oriental knots, we have our 2 complementing colours to match with your skin tone!

Dawn Sliders

Back by popular demand, our Dawn Overlapping Sliders create an edgy look with the asymmetrical design. Available in 4 colours, choose your mode and feel of your liking!


Claire Loafers

Add a delicate bow to your loafers as seen on our Claire Loafers, keeping a great balance of strength and femininity in your style. Available in our best neutral shades, be all professional in your work outfits with our loafers collection!

Ida Heels

Our Ida Heels features a web-like design on the upper in Wine and Ivory. Where the centre of focus is on the middle knot, the single straps represent how family comes together no matter how far they seem to be, reuniting as one this season.

Josie Sliders

Have your fingers crossed with our Josie Sliders! Available in Beige and Nude, our Josie Sliders encourage us to be hopeful and tune into our childhood dreams. Innovated from our best sellers' intertwining designs, our Josie Sliders bring about a new change and style on our sliders!

Ella Sandals

Our Ella Sandals is the perfect pair for a not-too-casual style but yet comfortable footwear to match up with your dresses and shorts if you are opting for a sunshine outdoor vibe for the new year! Available in White, strap your way as you go for your house visitations this festive season!

Jasmine Sandals

Precision with our Jasmine Sandals in White. A twirly knotty design brings about the old school and classic style with any of your ensemble. An adjustable buckle at the ankle makes it suitable for all feet types.

 Donna Sandals

Changing up our best seller Dawn Sliders to a sandals version! Our Donna Sandals create an edgy look with the asymmetrical design and we have elevated it for a formal or work-friendly design without looking too sloppy as a slider! If you have loved our Dawn Sliders, be sure not to miss our Donna Sandals!

Ariella Flats

We are keeping it all secured with our Ariella Flats. Every woman needs a pair of flats in their wardrobe, so get this into your wardrobe right now!