Celebrating Friendship with our Knots Latest Collection.

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Today we are bringing the focus to the friendship we have built all these years. A great friend is hard to come by so today let us be in sync with our true friends, the ones who have stood by us all these while. 

Aria Sliders

This triple-cushioned knots sliders speaks about how we make promises to our friends. When promises are kept, it builds an unbreakable friendship bond. This comfortable sliders comes in Beige and White, a versatile colour scheme for you who are twinning with your friends today! 

Emma Sliders

Bringing complexity with our Emma Sliders, a labyrinth of knots to feature how the paths of friends have crossed. The tiny-knots design makes it soft to our feet, giving a comfortable stride with this pair.

Eva Sliders

Inspired by the oriental knots, this sturdy and structured pair brings definition to our style. Choose from our earthy tones and match them when you’re dressing up or down!

Celebrate Friendship with our Knots Collection today!