Family gives you the roots to stand tall and strong.

In our Knots Collection Launch, we are bringing back the connection and bond formed in the family. 

Our Olivia Triple-Knot Sliders speaks about the courage and boldness that we have when uniting as a family. Olivia in Navy features a colour combination of yellow, white, blush and navy on the upper knots, symbolizing the different personalities in a household. We may be different but we can still come together and build this strong bond.

Living together as a family is definitely not an easy thing because everyone is unique and special in their own ways. We may have our different habits and communication styles but putting differences aside, we acknowledge that it is not through coincidence that all become one family.

We are honored to have The Hafidz Family to be featured in this collection as they show the different personalities of individuals in the household.

Hafidz- The Head, the leader of the family

Hafidz is a full time Music Teacher at Cristofori, inspiring his students with music. He uses music to impact his audience on his YouTube channel VoidDeckGuitarist. 

Mai- The Heart, the heart of everything

Being the heart of the family, Mai brings a smile to everyone with delicious home-made cookies as seen on #maikookies. Get your hands on her delicious bakes through @ladeenesta.

Hanna- The Mind, the smarty pants

Ilham- The Funny Bone, the family joker

Lutfia- The Baby, for being the youngest

We love how Mai has said “We may not have it all together but together, we have it all. ❤ ”

With our Knot Collection, we hope to bring family together. Just like music with high and low notes, family brings about a beautiful song.