I love you Mummy


Feature story from our KNOTS COLLECTION 

“I love you Mummy” are the words some of us may have difficulty expressing whether you are a son or a daughter. I would like to take this time to share with you this strong and amazing woman in my life, my mother.

My mum is a career driven woman and lives out a spirit of excellence in every task she embarks on. Her commitment and dedication for her work is out of the norm. I had the opportunity to follow her to work when I was a kid and she demonstrated professionalism when fulfilling her responsibilities.

I wondered why my mum would leave her career with so much potential when I started schooling and it all made sense to me only now when I became a mum. She had only one reason to sacrifice her career and that is to ensure that her daughter grows up to be a woman after God’s heart. She believes that with time spent with me and efforts invested in me would create this strong relationship and bond I have with her even when I grow up. This has proven so true because till this date even when I moved out and started my own family, I am still very very close to her.

Life seems amiss when I go through a day without hearing from her. 

My mother spent a good 10 years nurturing her daughter before heading back to the workforce when I have completed my O-levels. There were no words of complaint or regrets taking a break from her work even if she was at her peak of her job during these 10 years. Today I see the fruits of her labour when I understand this unbreakable bond that we have created among us. Her sacrifices have given me great insights on how to be a better mother to my son who is turning 4 this year.

Role model, advisor, playmate, best-friend are some of the many hats that my mum wears since I am an only child. 

It is not Mother’s day today however we do not need a season to appreciate the wonderful women in our lives. She may be a mother, or a mother-like figure in your life so today we would like to encourage you to spend time with her. In one way or another, this amazing woman in your life has made unspoken sacrifices that we may not know about. It took me to be a mother to recognise the efforts of my mother. 

Make everyday a special day for this special woman before it becomes too late.

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