Knots Collection - Why Knots?

Knots symbolise love for centuries, with variations of knots used around the globe to symbolise eternal love. 

The true love knot, in the same way, symbolises an unbreakable bond.

Presenting to you our Knots Collection this July as we celebrate relationships and the bond between our loved ones. With this collection, we are rekindling the connection between:

  • Family

  • Mother & Daughter

  • Siblings

The designs are carefully crafted with delicate workmanship concentrated on the weaving of knots. When a knot is tied, it forms a strong bond which symbolises the meaning of family relationship in this collection.

We hope you will enjoy this meaningful collection as you celebrate Family, the root where all relationships stem from. 

Ocean Sliders

Our first pair in our Knots Collection features a double-knot design on the upper. The soft weaving pattern of the knots makes walking at ease for your daily wear. The classic colours of White and Nude are a safe choice when matching them with any style of bottoms. 

Olivia Sliders

Our second pair speaks boldness and courage. A triple-knot design for a wider coverage to your feet, presenting to you our Olivia Sliders. Our Olivia in Navy features a colour combination of yellow, white, blush and navy on the upper knots, symbolizing the different personalities in a household. We may be different but we can still come together and build this strong bond.

Ida Heels

When 1 or 2 is insufficient, we have it in 4! Our Ida Heels features a web-like design on the upper in Wine and Ivory. Where the centre of focus is on the middle knot, the single straps represent how family comes together no matter how far they seem to be, reuniting as one this season.

Take this time to reconnect with your Family because in this uncertain season, Family is one that we can always fall back on.

See You at our launch! Tuesday, 6 July, 9pm