Sometimes family is all that matters.

Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. Bringing back the meaning of family through our first Chinese New Year Collection. The designs in our Chinese New Year Collection are carefully crafted with family in mind. 

Ella Strappy Sandals 

Intertwining Strappy Ella Sandals shows how our paths are always crossed at different points of time in our lives. As we go through the different seasons in life, let us place our focus back on our roots this Chinese New Year - Family. 

Our Ella Sandals is the perfect pair for a not-too-casual style but yet comfortable footwear to match up with your dresses and shorts if you are opting for a sunshine outdoor vibe for the new year! Available in Blush and White, strap your way as you go for your house visitations this festive season!

Donna Intertwining Sandals

Bringing back our best seller of open toe heels with new colours! Donna Intertwining Sandals are back again for new colour shades from Ivory to Apricot and even Salmon for a more feminine touch! This intertwining design shows how family ties revolve and evolve to form an attractive masterpiece.

Our Donna Sandals create an edgy look with the asymmetrical design and we have elevated it for a formal or work-friendly design without looking too sloppy as a slider! If you have loved our Dawn Sliders, be sure not to miss our Donna Sandals!

Joanne Lace Loafers

Lace Loafers alert! With a popular demand of covered footwear, bringing you our loafers with a lace finishing touch! Our Joanna Loafers mark her signature looks with the lace material on the upper and outer as lace expresses elegance and sophistication. The lace material was specially chosen to express the labyrinth of life. No matter how complicated life may get, our family values hold the foundation of how we path our life. 

Our Joanne Loafers is a fusion of elegance and sporty style and is a suitable pair for all outfits from tailored pants to jeans, dresses to skirts. Unleash the classy yet fun personality in you with our Joanne Loafers in White or Beige.

Jordyn Slingback Sandals

When colours come together, we have our Jordyn Colour Block Slingback Sandals. The colours of our Jordyn Sandals are carefully chosen to show how different colours can complement each other when matched up together. In a family, there may be different personalities around but when they come together, they make up a beautiful ensemble and music piece. Some with high notes, some with low notes but always a beautiful song when pieces together. 

Our Jordyn Sandals feature an adjustable buckle at the back. With the low heel, this pair is comfortable for a long day of walking and also a perfect pair for work even after the festive seasons. Rock our Jordyn Colour Block Sandals and stride in confidence today!

Nicole Slingback Sandals

When in doubt, put a bow on it. Presenting to you our Nicole Slingback Sandals, this pair is inspired by the classic ballerina flats and we have changed up to make it easy to slip on with a low heel to elevate your style. A bow represents a sweet style, this pair is designed to remind us of the sweetness of what family brings. 

A classic work pair that can be worn after the festive season, choose our versatile Nicole Slingback Sandals featuring in Beige and Blush, all neutral shades to match with any of your outfits! An adjustable buckle is added on the back for custom adjustments to your feet for a more comfortable fitting.

Seraphina Double Strap Sliders

How could we do without our signature double strap sliders? Bringing back our all-time favourites double strap Seraphina Sliders in White, Black and Blush! A simple double strap design to depict the simplicity of family bonding. Not about the fancy meals or clothes but quality time spent with family. 

Our Seraphina Double Strap Sliders have a square base finishing touch to bring an edgy look to your casual style. We have it in White, Black and Blush, take your pick that matches your style of everyday wear!

Skylar Double Strap Sandals

When double straps are added to a heel, we have our Skylar Sandals! The thick straps are designed to show the unbreakable bond built when we stand united together. When there is unity, family grows. Our Skylar Double Strap Sandals design hopes to remind us on how important it is to stand together as a family despite the difference we may have. 

This classic sandals design is a staple for all shoe wardrobes, a pair suitable from weekdays to weekends. Match it with your festive ensemble with this versatile and classic pair and you won’t go wrong with our three classic shades of Ivory, Tan and Blush. 

CNY Launch Dates: 

Tues, 4 Jan 2022, 8pm, Online

Wed, 5 Jan 2022, 5pm @ at the store 

  1. Seraphina Sliders
  2. Skylar Sandals
  3. Ella Sandals
  4. Joanne Loafers

Tues, 11 Jan 2022, 8pm, Online

Wed, 12 Jan 2022, 5pm @ at the store 

  1. Nicole Sandals
  2. Donna Sandals
  3. Jordyn Sandals