Take your first step with Our Daily Avenue

OUR DAILY AVENUE is the brand of choice for women who demand comfortable, high-quality, stylish footwear at affordable prices, offering a selection of products for women of all ages and backgrounds.

Everyone goes through different walks and journeys in life. We wear different pieces of clothing to celebrate the joyful occasion and brave through the darkest storms and today we want to bring meaning to what we wear on our feet. 

Shoes symbolise our path in life and we at OUR DAILY AVENUE want our customers to walk confidently with our high-quality footwear products, which have been rigorously chosen with the needs of women in Singapore in mind.

OUR DAILY AVENUE is here in Singapore to make a mark in the footwear industry because we believe good shoes will take us to good places.

Check out our first launch happening on the 1st June 2021!